Profeta de Tierras

Lovers and producers of maguey, good mezcal, liqueurs and artisanal distillates, seeking from the heart of Mexico, to make known to the world, in a fair and conscious manner, the divinity of the noble (maguey) and the riches of the spirit (mezcal), as well like the great culture that surrounds them.

Our process

– Based on regional mature wild maguey trees, harvested by animals, patiently “aged”, and legally harvested under forestry guides and in conjunction with an agave management system with a focus on ecological interactions, avoiding the use of agrochemicals, changes of use of soil and prioritizing the maintenance of the structure of the regional ecosystem. – Baked for 3 to 4 days in a conical volcanic stone pit oven, with oak firewood obtained legally under a forestry guide, covered with cotton sarapes and enlame; cared for continuously day and night, and uncovered at the exact moment the maguey is ready. – Cooled and rested indoors. – Hammered with a traditional ax and mill. – Dry fermentation for 1 to 4 days in wooden vats under soil and wild yeasts. – Loaded with warm well water; shaken, chopped and tanned with sabino wood to continue its fermentation for 2 to 11 more days. – Distillate of must fermented in copper stills with oak and quince firewood obtained from our pruning to obtain aguavino. – Patient distillation of aguavino in copper stills to obtain our mezcal, making cuts of heads, body and tails. – Traditional setting using heads and tails to achieve the aromas and flavors of the maguey spirit.

Our vision

We work inspired by consciousness, in the optimal seasons and moments marked by Mother Nature, following the knowledge, experience and artisanal methods of our ancestors.

Our team